Meeting with Deputy Director General Sun Jin of Jiangsu Department of Commerce

2019-07-12 | Shanghai

Meeting with Deputy Director General Sun Jin of Jiangsu Department of Commerce

Carlo D'Andrea the Vice President of European Chamber and Chairman of the Shanghai Board welcomed the Jiangsu Department of Commerce officials and introduced the Chamber. Mr. Sun Jin introduced the foreign investment figures in Jiangsu and asked the Chamber for more specific suggestions on creating a better business environment for foreign enterprises. 

Carlo introduced several the key issues stated in the Business Confidence Survey, including limited government access for SMEs and forced technology transfer. Member representatives also brought up issues such as factory shut down in Yancheng and unpredictable legislation on factory relocation due to environmental concern.  

Mr. Sun acknowledged these challenges, and stated that the factory relocation is a widely shared concern among many firms in the industry. He promised to bring these issues to the higher level government and the environment department, but also stated that since this concern of relocation needs joint department effort, there is still no fiscal solution at the moment. Mr. Sun said that they will work hard to provide a clearer road map to the companies as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Mr. Sun suggested to keep a close communication channel and meet with the Chamber members annually or bi-annually. 

Both sides agreed to hold a constant dialogue and Mr. Sun invited our members to attend the 2019 Jiangsu International Consultative Conference on 6th November.