Meeting with the Association of European Heating Industry Delegates on Condensing Technology

2019-01-21 | Shanghai

On 21st January 2019, the European Chamber Shanghai Chapter welcomed the visit of the Association of European Heating Industry (EHI) delegates, including Mr Klaus Jesse, the Chairman of EHI Executive Council, Mr Andreas Lücke, the Secretary of the Department Market Research and International Market and Mr Paolo Basso, the Regulatory Affairs Manager of EHI.

Mr Andreas Lücke summarized the achievements since the Europe- China Heating Initiative (ECHI) established in July 2018, especially the completion of the Initiative’s brochure on condensing technology, which acts as the key material for advocacies activities to promote condensing boilers in China.  Potential stakeholders and circumstances to distribute this brochure are also discussed and identified in this meeting, such as ISH Frankfurt.

Mr Klaus Jesse and Mr Andreas Lücke expressed the need of further cooperation with the European Chamber next year, and would welcome the European Chamber delegates at ISH Frankfurt in March.