Roundtable Dialogue with Shenyang Authority

2017-12-11 | Shenyang

Roundtable Dialogue with Shenyang Authority

Harald Kumpfert, chairman of the Shenyang Chapter and Ms. Marine Chen, office manager of the Shenyang Chapter participated in a roundtable dialogue with the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, Business Environment Leading Group Office and the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of business environment construction supervision.

Responding to the briefing of the Shenyang Position Paper 2017/2018, Mr Gao Hang, Director of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, appreciated the support from the European Chamber to Shenyang’s development and expressed that the Shenyang Government would like to take the key recommendations and use positive measures to improve the local business environment. He then introduced the general work and structure of the Shenyang Government as it develops Shenyang's international business environment.

Ms. Long Jia, Deputy Director General of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Business Environment Construction Supervision, introduced the practices of Shenyang Government on building one-stop service centers to facilitate enterprises and benefit people. Regular meetings have been held to be the channel and platform for preaching policy as well.

Mr Yu Zhibo, Vice Division Chief of the Comprehensive Department of Business Environment Leading Group Office updated the recent work and achievements of the Shenyang Government. The city has already begun the process of improving its business environment based on the World Bank standards and has established clear goals aligning with international business norms. Mr Yu then listed several areas where the government believes progress has been made.

Mr Kumpfert acknowledged the impressive achievements of the Shenyang Municipal government on pushing forward with market-based reforms and creating a better international business environment. He then noted that members of the Shenyang Chapter are eager to establish a regular dialogue between both sides so that these measures and achievements can be updated in time and consultation can improve future reforms.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on measures to enhance communication between the European Chamber and Shenyang Government. These measures include creating a regular dialogue with the European Chamber, as well as Hong Kong, American and German Chambers; appointing contact persons within the Shenyang government for the European Chamber for future communication; and creating a WeChat platform for communication between officials and foreign chambers. 

The Shenyang Chapter of the European Chamber is excited about this first step in building a stronger relationship with the Shenyang government. It hopes to see fruitful discussions in the future that lead to a better business environment as well as a stronger economic and sustainable economic model for the city.