Meeting with Director General Yu Binyang of MOHURD

2017-05-22 | All chapters

Meeting with Director General Yu Binyang of MOHURD

Mr Javier Lopez, National Chair of Chamber's Construction Working Group, along with two National Vice Chairs of Construction Working Group, Mr Christophe Malergue and Mr Pu Kun, paid the visit to the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD) and had the meeting with Mr Yu Binyang, Director General who is in charge of the Centre of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development and the Centre of Housing and Construction Industrialization (CSTC).

Director General Yu welcomed the Chamber's visit, followed by the introduction on CSTC of MOHURD and recent development and plans released by MOHURD. Mr Javier Lopez, on behalf of the Chamber's Construction Working Group, expressed several concerns faced with the European construction enterprises in China, including the "three starts" policy of green buildings, qualifications of foreign construction service providers, energy efficiceny and performance evaluation of buildings in China as well as implementation of the State Council's Notice on Several Measures on Promoting Further Openness and Active Utilization of Foreign Investment (Guofa No.5).

Director General Yu showed positive attitude towards Guofa No.5 and promised to implement relevant measures under the guidance of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).  For construction sector, Director General Yu mentioned that MOHURD would further promote the passive houses, green buildings and prefabricated buildings in China in response to the 13th Five Year Plan. For the energy efficiency and performance evaluation of buildings, MOHURD has started cooperation with Germany and the United States on technology innovation to decrease the building emission and energy consumption of construction projects in China. Director General Yu further commented that qualification of foreign construction service providers has been a long-term concern and MOHURD is trying to improve the situation step by step. He also would like to follow up with other officials of MOHURD who are in charge of qualification of construction enterprises to take care of this concern.

Director General Yu concluded this meeting by inviting the Chamber to participate in the 16th China International Exposition of Housing Industry and Products and Equipments of Building Industrialization in October 2017, and to organise seminars with experts from both Europe and China to share technology, management model and experience regarding green buildings, energy efficiency, prefabricated buildings, passive houses and new type of urbanisation.