Meeting with Department of Foreign Investment Administration, MOFCOM

2015-12-11 | Beijing

Maggie Xie, Head of Government Affairs of the Chamber held a working meeting with Mr. Qi Ping from the Department of Foreign Investment Administration, MOFCOM. In the meeting, Maggie introduced two major publications of the Chamber, i.e. the Position Paper and the Business Confidence Survey, which reflect the concerns and recommendations of the European businesses operating in China. She also expressed the hope to attend the meeting with Vice Premier Wang Yang on the foreign investment environment in China. Director Qi pointed out that these materials are of great help for the government to understand the latest development of foreign investment in China and they serve as a good reference. But he hoped that the tone of the PP and the BCS could be objective and constructive. The meeting with the Vice Premier in the near future next year has invited foreign businesses only. Next time it could be possible to invite foreign chambers to attend. 

Maggie shared with Director Qi some major challenges, such as "Buy China", concerns over the security related laws and legislation, etc. Director Qi said that due to the new normal of the Chinese economy, some problems that were not seen before would arise and it takes time to address those issues. The Chamber will continue the dialogue with MOFCOM.