The Five-year Blueprint for Intelligent Manufacturing(2016-2020) Go back »

2016-12-07 |

The plan is a long-term strategic task to develop intelligent manufacturing to generate new growth to improve the country's manufacturing sector.

Intelligent Manufacturing is based on the deep integration of new generation information and communications technology and advanced manufacturing technology), it went cross the design, manufacturing, management and service, and it is equipped with self-sensing, self-learning, self-decision making, self-execution and self-adaptation.

The plan put forward ten key tasks,including speeding up of development in intelligent equipment, improving innovation in key common technologies, setting up of intelligent manufacturing standards, building a foundation for industrial internet., expanding intelligent manufacturing trial, promoting intelligent transformation in key sectors, promoting intelligent transformation in small and medium-sized companies, building intelligent manufacturing eco system, promoting integrated development of regional intelligent manufacturing and building a team of talented professionals in intelligent manufacturing etc.