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2017-04-09 |

Suzhengfa No.33 is a provincial ducument to implement the initiative of Guofa No.5 that provides measures to boost foreign investment, as part of an effort to build “a new open economic system” in China and Jiangsu.

The circular encouraged foreign investment to take part in the implementation of China’s innovation-driven development strategy and upgrades in the manufacturing sector, and encouraged foreign talent to start businesses in China and Jiangsu.

Domestic and foreign-invested enterprises should also get equal access to participate in China’s standardization reform, to enhance the openness and transparency of the country’s investment environment.

The circular also called for more efforts to attract foreign investment by forming favorable Jiangsu-specific policies to support foreign-invested projects that can facilitate employment, economic development and technology innovation, and reducing the costs for the investment and operation of foreign-invested enterprises.

English version of the document will soon be available