EURObiz Magzine - July/August 2018


There are rapid changes taking place in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in China. From changes to food safety certifications to the development of online grocery platforms, it is challenging for European businesses to keep up with all of the recent changes in the F&B sector. Some of these issues are coming to a head, as companies are increasingly asking for the use of geographic indications (GI) and for stronger and more transparent enforcement of the law. To better understand this issue, European Chamber members have contributed articles to EURObiz on a number of different issues relating to the F&B sector, including food imports, agribusiness and GI. Also featured in this issue:

  • the findings from the latest Business Confidence Survey 2018
  • the state of China’s regulatory environment since Davos, and
  • how companies can cope with automation in China’s manufacturing industry.

Read the articles online here. Download the PDF via the link below.

English Version (PDF)

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