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This is the first time that the European Chamber has released the Tianjin Position Paper as a standalone publication. It compiles the latest assessments and concerns of European businesses operating in Tianjin with the aim to offer constructive recommendations to the city’s policy makers.

In the paper, the European Chamber presents six key recommendations that will enable Tianjin to leverage its unique potential and to meet the “Tianjin 2020’ goals of establishing itself as north China’s economic centre, becoming an ecological city and an international port city by the year 2020. The European Chamber’s Tianjin Chapter fully supports these goals, yet believes that the current pace of reforms should be accelerated. The Tianjin Position Paper outlines how the city can best do so.

As critical as some of the Tianjin Position Paper’s recommendations may seem, they are all offered as part of an honest effort to improve operating conditions in Tianjin for domestic and foreign companies alike, as well as the general living environment for everyone in the city.

Insights include:

  • An overview of the perceptions of European businesses operating in Tianjin.
  • An in-depth analysis of Tianjin’s economic, commercial and technological development and potential;
  • Recommendations on how Tianjin can further facilitate the attraction of foreign investment to the city.
  • Analysis of Tianjin’s continued urbanisation drive and its increasing integration with the provinces of Beijing and Hebei.

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