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2017-02-21 | Nanjing

European Chamber Outlines Opportunities for Nanjing to Boost Investment

Nanjing, 21st January, 2017 – Today, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China released the European Business in China – Nanjing Position Paper 2016/2017 (Nanjing Position Paper). In it, the Nanjing Chapter of the European Chamber calls for further openness to foreign investment in Nanjing and Jiangsu, as well as fair market competition and enforcement of government regulations. It is hoped that the Nanjing Position Paper will help to facilitate increased dialogue between local government and foreign business and will lead improved operating conditions for foreign companies invested in the region.

This is the first time that a foreign chamber of commerce has published a position paper focused on Nanjing or Jiangsu Province more broadly. The paper is based on the detailed concerns of European business in Nanjing and Jiangsu, and contains astute, practical recommendations as to how the local government authorities can improve the business, and general environment for both Chinese and European companies. Key recommendations include: facilitating the development of intelligent manufacturing; increasing support for SMEs; ending preferential treatment of state-owned enterprises; and resolving local air pollution issues, among others.

Nanjing Chapter Chairman Bernhard Weber said, “As taxpayers and employers whose success is intertwined with that of Nanjing and Jiangsu Province, the European Chamber hopes that these recommendations will be received in the spirit of mutual cooperation in which they are offered. We look forward to discussing with the authorities how adopting them will contribute to the creation of a more business-friendly environment, to the benefit of Chinese and foreign-invested enterprises. Improved operating conditions will also enable our members to further expand their investments in the region, create more jobs and contribute even more to the local economy.”

After the paper’s launch, the Nanjing Chapter will hold an exclusive dialogue with the Nanjing Government. The Nanjing Chapter hopes that this paper will form a solid framework around which these discussions can take place.

Download the position paper here.

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