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2020-02-01 | All chapters

Donations from Members to Support the Fight Against the Novel Coronavirus

In the fight against the new coronavirus, the European Chamber has provided support to regulators procuring medical devices overseas, such as searching relevant international standards and ensuring suppliers have permission to sell overseas.

Many European Chamber member companies have made financial contributions, donated medical protective supplies, medical devices, consumable and disposable medical devices, pharmaceuticals, disinfection supplies, cleaning supplies and nutritional products to Wuhan and other affected cities, and have provided free logistics channels as well as free 24-hour online clinics.

To better track donations from foreign companies, we have been asked by the relevant authorities to collect donation information from member companies. If your company has made a donation, please send the following details, or related press releases, to Michelle Zhang at

  1. date of the donation
  2. beneficiary of the donation
  3. donation details (supplies items and amount, or cash amount)

Besides, the following supplies are still urgently needed in Wuhan and other cities, please also contact Ms Helei Fu at  if your company or any overseas company that you know of would like to donate.

  • Medical rubber protective clothing
  • Medical protective mask (N95, GB19083-2010)
  • Surgical mask (YY0469-2011)
  • Medical safety glasses
  • Face shield for medical use
  • Disposable protective clothing for medical use