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2020-06-22 | Beijing

First-hand Accounts: Mass Testing Procedures in Beijing

In response to the mid-June outbreak of COVID-19 in the Fengtai District of Beijing, the municipal, district, and neighbourhood authorities across the city have taken various actions to mitigate the coronavirus’ spread. The most restrictive rules have been applied in the areas with the highest number of cases. 

However, what began as a return to restrictions that were standard practice even just one month ago (health app and temperature checks at entrances, entry/exit permit checks or guest registration, and tighter requirements on mask wearing) has also expanded into mass testing in some areas. 

The European Chamber had two members of staff, Business Manager and lead of European Affairs, Ester Cañada Amela, and Senior Policy and Communications Manager, Jacob Gunter, living in areas where mass testing was implemented over the weekend. They shared their details in the below document walkthrough in the hopes that it could prove useful for members of the European Chamber who might have staff that are required to undergo similar mandatory testing in the future.

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