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In today's fast-moving digital age, the speed and breadth of information dissemination has reached unprecedented levels. PPT as an important tool for information display and exchange, its role has far exceeded the simple transmission of information. It has become a direct reflection of personal professional ability, creative thinking and corporate brand image. A well-designed PPT with rich content and clear logic can attract the attention of the audience in the first time, effectively convey the core information, and enhance persuasion.
This course is dedicated to revolutionizing PPT design and presentation skills through cutting-edge AI technology. Our goal is to help students master advanced design tools and methods, improve their ability to make and present PPT, so that they can present their ideas and results in a more professional and engaging way in a variety of business, educational and public Settings.在当今快速发展的数字化时代,信息传播的速度和广度达到了前所未有的水平。PPT作为信息展示和交流的重要工具,其作用已经远远超出了简单的信息传递。它成为了个人专业能力、创意思维以及企业品牌形象的直观体现。一个设计精良、内容丰富、逻辑清晰的PPT,能够在第一时间吸引观众的注意力,有效传达核心信息,增强说服力。

  • 2024-07-23 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • Teams online

本课程旨在培养学员使用AI工具快速高效制作PPT的能力,解决职场汇报PPT的常见痛点,掌握从内容创作到视觉呈现的全流程技能,学会使用各种智能工具对PPT进行改进和优化。设计和生产过程。此外,本课程将全面提升学员从零到精通Gamma软件的使用能力,掌握AI报表和显示工具,提高工作效率和报表质量。通过本课程,学生将能够轻松处理各种商业报告场景,并快速制作既专业又具有视觉冲击力的演示材料。This course aims to cultivate participants' ability to use AI tools to quickly and efficiently produce PPT, solve common pain points in reporting PPT in the workplace, master the full process skills from content creation to visual presentation, and learn to use a variety of intelligent tools to improve and optimize PPT. Design and production process. In addition, this course will comprehensively improve participants' ability to use Gamma software from zero to proficient, and master AI reporting and display tools to improve work efficiency and report quality. Through this course, students will be able to easily handle various business reporting scenarios and quickly produce presentation materials that are both professional and visually impactful.

  • 2024-07-26 | 09:00
  • KIT Suzhou

Optimal internal logistic processes are critical for an efficient production process: The right material needs to be at the right place in the right quantities at the right time. Guiding principles originating from lean production, such as kanban systems and milk-run, are introduced in this course. Additionally, the transfer of these principles into the digital factory is discussed. The training contents are supported by hands-on application scenarios in our Innovation Center.

  • 2024-07-26 | 09:00 - 17:00
  • Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center 中德工业4.0技术展示创新中心

In the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, we will find that our thinking skills sometimes do not fully meet our needs for thinking:
- New knowledge, AI software has been able to quickly produce the prototype version of mind map notes, but we do not know how to make good use of it, and transform it into more valuable mature thinking crystals that can show their own characteristics;
- New tasks, it is difficult to make overall plans, clearly define problems, prefer to use trivial affairs to avoid deep thinking;
- New ideas that fail to capture the interest of the audience may be missed out on more resources.
In the face of fierce competition, how can I become a calm conductor in my career? Only continue to improve our bottom thinking.
The characteristic of Mind Mapping is that it is natural, practical and innovative. After more than 50 years of grinding, it has been adopted by more than 2,000 multinational enterprises around the world, whether it is learning and growth, problem solving, or business expression and other high-frequency scenarios, have achieved obvious results. The various artificial intelligence apps that have sprung up in recent years also boast the ability to export mind maps as one of their selling points. Mind mapping thinking method can not only improve our learning and work efficiency, but also help us effectively perceive our own thinking potential, find the breakthrough point of thinking technology improvement, and then grasp the first-mover advantage in the changing era, surpass the competition, and create more value.
思维导图思考法(Mind Mapping)的特点,在于它自然、实用和创新。历经五十多年时光的磨砺,已被全球超过2000家跨国企业导入采用,无论是学习成长、问题解决,还是商务表达等高频场景,均获得了显而易见的成效。近年如雨后春笋般的各种人工智能APP也都以能导出思维导图作为卖点之一。思维导图思考法不仅能提高我们的学习、工作效率,还能帮助我们有效感知自身的思维潜质,找到思维技术提升的突破点,进而在不断变化的时代中掌握先发优势,超越竞争,创造更多价值。

  • 2024-07-30 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • teams

With the advent of the AI era, enterprises hope that employees can improve efficiency and become generalists to reduce costs. Employees hope to be liberated from some simple but tedious work, and more focus on the core business and their own development. With the advent of such a large language era, a free web page, just a simple conversation, can accomplish these two wishes. AI时代到来,企业希望员工可以提高效率,可以成为多面手,来降低成本。员工希望从一些简单但繁琐的工作中解放出来,而更多的专注核心业务和自身发展。那么大语言时代的到来,一个免费的网页,只需轻松对话,就可完成这两大心愿.

  • 2024-08-20 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • Teams online

This course aims to upgrade Excel data analysis through AI technology, and help students master the knowledge and skills in data preprocessing, data cleaning, data modeling, data analysis and visual presentation. The course is rich in content, covering all aspects of data analysis, and aims to help students comprehensively improve their data analysis skills.

  • 2024-09-03 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • Teams online

WANT TO TRY ROWING? Now it is the opportunity to start! Join the rowing workshops organized by the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter and also enjoy a high-level networking among the beautiful Xuanwu Lake!

  • 2024-09-08 | 17:00 - 18:00
  • 艇进国际赛艇俱乐部 Tingjin International rowing Club

• Actively respond to climate change and improve the company's carbon risk management capabilities
• Respond to customer requirements and implement carbon disclosure actions to improve market competitiveness
• Identify opportunities and action directions for energy conservation, emission reduction and cost reduction
• Meet the market's demand for low-carbon information and guide green consumption fashion

  • 2024-09-19 - 2024-09-20 | 09:00 - 17:00
  • BV Nanjing office 必维南京办公室

WANT TO TRY ROWING? Now it is the opportunity to start! Join the rowing workshops organized by the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter and also enjoy a high-level networking among the beautiful Xuanwu Lake!

  • 2024-09-22 | 17:00 - 18:00
  • 艇进国际赛艇俱乐部 Tingjin International rowing Club

WANT TO TRY ROWING? Now it is the opportunity to start! Join the rowing workshops organized by the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter and also enjoy a high-level networking among the beautiful Xuanwu Lake!

  • 2024-10-13 | 16:00 - 17:00
  • 艇进国际赛艇俱乐部 Tingjin International rowing Club