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Amidst the growing application of technologies like cloud-based finance solutions and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the financial sector, traditional accounting-centric skills are being replaced by automation. This shift necessitates a transformation in the role of finance teams and individuals from mere accountants to value creators. Therefore, this course addresses the pressing questions:
1. How to perceive the strategic value of finance within an organization?
2. What kind of skill shifts do financial professionals need?
3. How to deepen professional expertise by enhancing financial skills?
4. How to broaden career horizons through cross-functional thinking and experimentation?
5. How to integrate left-brain rationality with right-brain creativity for a balanced financial-professional approach?
In today's fast-paced environment, businesses require agile responses to customer needs and better resource allocation, challenging traditional financial management practices. The role of a Business Partner (BP) with a finance background emerges as a strategic collaborator in the organization.
This course equips financial professionals working as Business Partners with the essential skills needed to collaborate effectively with business units, analyze financial performance, and support strategic decision-making, thus maximizing the utility of resources, information, and control mechanisms for enhanced “business-finance integration” and overall corporate success.

1. 如何认识财务对组织的价值?
2. 财务人员的技能需要怎样的转变?
3. 如何通过专业技能提升职业的深度?
4. 如何通过跨界的思维和尝试拓展职业的宽度?
5. 如何从做“数”到做“人”,将理性逻辑的左脑思维,与未来职业能力更需要的右脑能力进行协同提升?

  • 2024-05-17 | 09:00 - 16:00

Since the launch of wechat video number, it has experienced many revisions. This year, a lot of new features have been introduced to make it easier to access traffic. For enterprises whose customer resources are dominated by wechat acquaintances, video number is already a necessary marketing channel.

  • 2024-05-17 | 09:00 - 16:30
  • Zoom online

In recent years, China's data security regulations, particularly under the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), have undergone significant evolution, posing challenges for SME manufacturing companies operating within the country. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has issued new rules aimed at clarifying the assessment and handling of cross-border data transfers, yet complexities remain in defining and categorizing sensitive data.

  • 2024-05-22 | 08:30 - 09:30
  • 7F, VIP room, Sofitel Nanjing Galaxy Suning 索菲特苏宁银河大酒店7层自助餐厅VIP Room

English Business Writing is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in the workplace. So many trainees, from professional writers to new hires, from non-native English speakers to seasoned executives, use the techniques in English business writing to enhance their ability to communicate and come up with ideas. This course will teach you how to apply the principles of good English business writing to your work, how to significantly improve your English business writing with simple tools, and how to perform organization, structure, and revisions to communicate more proficiently than ever before. From this class onwards, you will be able to immediately apply your newfound knowledge to your work and improve your English business writing to make a career impression on others.


  • 2024-05-22 | 09:00 - 16:00

本课程旨在培养学员使用AI工具快速高效制作PPT的能力,解决职场汇报PPT的常见痛点,掌握从内容创作到视觉呈现的全流程技能,学会使用各种智能工具对PPT进行改进和优化。设计和生产过程。此外,本课程将全面提升学员从零到精通Gamma软件的使用能力,掌握AI报表和显示工具,提高工作效率和报表质量。通过本课程,学生将能够轻松处理各种商业报告场景,并快速制作既专业又具有视觉冲击力的演示材料。This course aims to cultivate participants' ability to use AI tools to quickly and efficiently produce PPT, solve common pain points in reporting PPT in the workplace, master the full process skills from content creation to visual presentation, and learn to use a variety of intelligent tools to improve and optimize PPT. Design and production process. In addition, this course will comprehensively improve participants' ability to use Gamma software from zero to proficient, and master AI reporting and display tools to improve work efficiency and report quality. Through this course, students will be able to easily handle various business reporting scenarios and quickly produce presentation materials that are both professional and visually impactful.

  • 2024-05-24 | 09:00
  • KIT Suzhou

WANT TO TRY ROWING? Now it is the opportunity to start! Join the rowing workshops organized by the European Chamber Nanjing Chapter and also enjoy a high-level networking among the beautiful Xuanwu Lake!

  • 2024-05-26 | 16:00 - 17:00
  • 艇进国际赛艇俱乐部 Tingjin International rowing Club

With the advent of the AI era, enterprises hope that employees can improve efficiency and become generalists to reduce costs. Employees hope to be liberated from some simple but tedious work, and more focus on the core business and their own development. With the advent of such a large language era, a free web page, just a simple conversation, can accomplish these two wishes. AI时代到来,企业希望员工可以提高效率,可以成为多面手,来降低成本。员工希望从一些简单但繁琐的工作中解放出来,而更多的专注核心业务和自身发展。那么大语言时代的到来,一个免费的网页,只需轻松对话,就可完成这两大心愿.

  • 2024-05-28 | 09:00 - 16:00
  • Teams online

Optimal internal logistic processes are critical for an efficient production process: The right material needs to be at the right place in the right quantities at the right time. Guiding principles originating from lean production, such as kanban systems and milk-run, are introduced in this course. Additionally, the transfer of these principles into the digital factory is discussed. The training contents are supported by hands-on application scenarios in our Innovation Center.

  • 2024-05-31 | 09:00 - 17:00
  • Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center 中德工业4.0技术展示创新中心

Whether it's a debriefing to internal executives or an external client, one thing in common is that this is a great opportunity to make the most of your impact. This kind of debriefing is definitely not about stating something, but about changing your audience with carefully conceived content. What does this persuasive presentation have in common? It is not only logical and concise, but more importantly it is audience-oriented. This course teaches the ideas, underlying logic and methodology of designing and presenting a report, or a kind of persuasive "way" of a report, that is, "how to sell your ideas in the report".


  • 2024-06-06 | 09:00 - 16:00

Badminton Tournament and Family Day, Nanjing Chapter's Signature Sports event, is BACK!

More awards, trophies, best Sportsmanship and Best Cheering Leader to win.

The event will take place on Saturday, June.8th, 2024, ONE DAY ONLY, in Nanjing.

  • 2024-06-08 | 08:30 - 16:30
  • Nanjing International School 南京国际外籍人员子女学校