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European Chamber Meets with Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan and EU Trade Commissioner Ashton

Beijing, 8th May 2009 -- A European Chamber delegation today met with Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan, EU Trade Commissioner Ashton, eight other EU Commissioners and 12 Chinese ministerial level officials on the sidelines of the second EU-China High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue (HED) currently being held in Brussels. At the private meeting, which was hosted by Commissioner Ashton and Vice-Premier Wang, the Chamber delegation discussed member companies’ concerns regarding protectionism and industrial overcapacity in China with the officials from both sides.

Led by Chamber President Joerg Wuttke, the European Chamber’s delegation included the global CEOs of six companies from the Chamber’s Advisory Council. During the discussion, the Chamber party raised a number of issues concerning market access and transparency for foreign companies operating in China. It also emphasized the Chamber’s position that further liberalization of China’s domestic market, especially the service sector, can effectively stimulate private consumption and contribute to China’s achieving its target for GDP growth.    

After the discussion, Mr. Wuttke commented, "Our member companies are encouraged to see the efforts made by both sides in combatting protectionism and creating new opportunities for trade and investment. Nevertheless, concerns remain, particularly in relation to the threat of protectionism and the issue of industrial overcapacity in China which can further exacerbate existing trade tensions. The European Chamber has been lobbying European and Chinese governments to introduce practical policies to address these issues and we look forward to seeing concrete actions coming out of today’s discussion. "



北京,2009年5月8日 — 第二次中欧经贸高层对话在比利时布鲁塞尔举行之际,中国欧盟商会代表团与中国国务院副总理王岐山、欧盟贸易委员阿什顿、其他八位欧盟委员会委员以及十二位中国部长级官员举行了会晤。在阿什顿委员和王岐山副总理主持的一个非公开会议上,商会代表与中欧双方官员共同讨论了商会会员企业对于保护主义和中国的工业产能过剩问题的忧虑。



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