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2023-04-27 | Nanjing

European Chamber Calls on Jiangsu to Address Issues to Improve Regions’ Investment Allure

Nanjing, 27th April 2023 – The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (European Chamber) today released the Nanjing Position Paper 2023/2024, its third report presenting the concerns and recommendations of European Chamber Nanjing Chapter members. It focuses on how Jiangsu can reach its full potential as an international investment destination through simple changes to how it approaches internationalisation, green energy adoption and environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations.

Over the past few years, restrictions related to China’s zero-COVID policy made it nearly impossible for Jiangsu to compete for foreign investment. Both domestic and international travel restrictions, sporadic lockdowns and unpredictability over how the policy would evolve dampened business sentiment and isolated China-based operations of European companies. With the end of China’s zero-COVID policy, the Nanjing Position Paper 2023/2024 recommends that Nanjing and Jiangsu re-focus efforts to improve the liveability of the region by solving common issues that affect companies and foreign nationals on a daily basis.

One pressing issue that needs to be addressed is that passports and ‘green cards’ are not compatible with many of the digital and offline services that are essential to daily life and doing business in China. In addition to advocating for the acceptance of these documents in all platforms that accept a Chinese resident identity card, the report recommends that Nanjing consider a trial initiative to issue ID cards to all foreign national residents. While this is an issue that exists nationally, Nanjing and Jiangsu have the potential to serve as a model for the rest of the country in this regard.

Another set of issues addressed in the report are the lack of incentives for European companies in Jiangsu to both adopt green energy and comply with Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) inspections. More than half of Nanjing Chapter members report no access to green energy, and those that can purchase it have trouble maintaining stable access and obtaining documentation of how much they have used. At the same time, repetitive EHS inspections result in companies wasting resources to facilitate visits by inspectors without benefiting from authoritative recommendations, as no one agency has ultimate jurisdiction, which often makes compliance impossible. Clear and transparent guidelines as well as consistent implementation of policies that make it easy for all companies, especially SMEs, to predictably approach these issues would lead to greater efficiency.

“Our members are not asking for standards to be relaxed, but rather for a stable operating environment with consistent and well-communicated policies,” said Dr. Andreas Risch, chair of the European Chamber’s Nanjing Chapter. “As China is working on attracting foreign investors, Jiangsu with its excellent manufacturing reputation has the unique opportunity to become the chosen destination for new investments by actively resolving international businesses’ concerns.”

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      这其中一个亟待解决的问题是护照和 "绿卡 "与许多线上线下服务平台不兼容,而对外籍人士来说,这些服务对于他们日常在华生活和经商活动是必不可少的。除了推动所有接受中国居民身份证的平台上接受这些证件外,《建议书》还呼吁南京市考虑试行向所有拥有长期居留许可的外籍居民发放身份证件。尽管这是一个全国性的问题,但江苏省和南京市有可能成为全国其他地区在这方面的典范省市。




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