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2023-03-10 | Tianjin

European Chamber Report Outlines Plan for Tianjin to Realise its Potential

Tianjin, 10th March 2023 – The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China today released the Tianjin Position Paper 2023/2024. The report outlines tangible steps the municipality can take to reassert itself as one of China’s leading investment destinations after having fallen behind other major cities over the last decade.

Compared to its peers, Tianjin now lags in a several key areas. Not only has its contribution to China’s economy declined in recent years, but the city is also relatively unattractive to talent, less innovative and an increasingly difficult place to do business.

The second edition of the Tianjin Position Paper puts forward 20 constructive recommendations to address these issues. These include refocussing on the city’s existing strengths, increasing the frequency and quality of industry-government dialogues, addressing barriers currently hindering carbon neutrality efforts and creating stronger links between industry and academia to develop talent pipelines.

"Tianjin’s recent decline in fortunes has resulted in European companies seeking alternative destinations for future investment," said Dr Christoph Schrempp, chair of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China's Tianjin Chapter. "The local government already has all the tools it requires to restore business confidence, but it must act decisively—in tandem with business—if it is to do so," he added. 

Download the report here.

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