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The European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2024 officially opened on Monday 15th January

The European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2024 officially opened on Monday 15th January. Further details, including a link to the survey and a unique access code, were sent to the primary contacts of all eligible member companies.

Completing the questionnaire will provide your company the valuable opportunity to shape the Chamber’s messaging for the coming year. You can access the online questionnaire by clicking the link below and entering in your unique access code:

The online questionnaire will remain open until 8pm on Friday, 9th February.

The results of the Business Confidence Survey 2024 (BCS) will be published in May.

All information received from members will be anonymised and remain strictly confidential.

If you have any question, please contact Ms Hania Thurlow at

The results of past iterations of the survey can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Business Confidence Survey (BCS)?

The BCS is the Chamber’s yearly analysis of how European business is faring in China. In addition to the Position Paper, it is the backbone of our advocacy efforts. The BCS is a comprehensive analysis of the business environment for our members, providing concrete evidence of the hurdles and/or improvements that European companies face in the Chinese market. The final report is presented to Chinese and European officials, media and other organisations. Figures from the BCS are quoted widely and inform our top-line messaging.

Why do I have to provide financial data? Can I skip this part?

Financial data is the best way to objectively measure the economic challenges or growth that European business in China faces. It provides a more complete picture than just regulatory issues and allows us to better understand various reasons behind the changing business sentiment of our members.

Will my answers be traced back to my company?

No. All results of the BCS are completely anonymous. No individual company information will be included in the report or distributed.

My colleagues in other cities also received a survey invitation. Do we all need to complete the survey?

YesFor companies with multiple locations or entities as Chamber members, all business units are invited to fill out the questionnaire. The survey has questions specific to your local Chapter, so your survey will be slightly different from your colleagues elsewhere. Please fill out the survey on behalf of your particular entity.

Why can’t I proceed to the next page?

Please check the following:

1)    If the “other” option is ticked for a question, a text box appears that asks you to specify your answer before you move on to the next question. Please make sure you have filled in the details in the text box.

2)    Some questions require a minimum of three selections to continue. Please make sure you have selected the number of options the question required.

3)    After answering the final question of the survey, the answers need to be submitted by clicking the ‘Submit survey’ button. Please make sure you click the ‘Submit survey’ button and only close the page after you have reached the Secretary General’s closing message.

If you still cannot proceed, please contact Ms Hania Thurlow at for troubleshooting.

I completed part of the survey. Is that enough for you to use?

No. Data from incomplete surveys are not included in the end results. For your survey participation to count, you must press the Submit button at the bottom of your screen after you have answered all questions, including local chapter questions. Then you must confirm your submission by clicking ‘Submit survey’.

For more information please contact