Strategic Joint Venture in Clinical Trials Laboratory: LEAF Has Assisted Cerba Research to Set up a Strategic Joint Venture with ACT Genomics Go back »

2022-04-22 | Shanghai

Leaf has assisted Cerba Research to join forces with ACT Genomics under a joint venture model to create a purpose-built lab facility in Taiwan covering the Asia Pacific region.

Cerba Research is a leading global clinical trial laboratory services organization owned by Cerba HealthCare. This expansion of the precision medicine offering includes central labs, flow cytometry, histopathology, and translational science laboratory services.

Leaf has assisted Cerba Research in the drafting of the contractual documentation, structuring and negotiation of this cross-border transaction between Europe and Asia.

This joint venture and this strategic alliance will support new growth areas for biotech and pharma clients globally and drive better patient outcomes across all phases of clinical trials, confirms Jean-Philippe Engel, Partner at Leaf.

The expansion includes investments in a new facility in Taipei and state-of-the-art technologies to strengthen capabilities and services offered to Cerba clients.

Mario Papillon, CEO of Cerba Research comments: This milestone with ACT Genomics validates our innovative history as a company. We will support our customers with the latest instrumentation and automation — backed by experienced scientists whose ambition and agility to meet patients’ needs drive our continuous evolution as a company.”

We are excited to create a partnership with Cerba Research. Together, we offer a broader range of top-notch technologies and services in Asia. The formation of CerbACT Asia echoes our firm dedication in the well-being of cancer patients, keen commitment to society, and unequivocal embrace of precision medicine,” says Hua Chien Chen, CEO, ACT Genomics.

This strategic partnership represents a milestone in medical research for Asia and we are proud to have assisted in the formation of CerbACT, demonstrating once again the expertise Leaf has in cross-border transactions in the medical sector.said Bruno Grangier, partner at Leaf.