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2021-04-08 | Beijing

ERGO Group Supports Healthcare Services in Shandong Province

At a ceremony in Jinan on March 24, ERGO China, on behalf of ERGO Group, handed over medical equipment to three hospitals in Shandong Province. The equipment, including electric wheelchairs, ambulatory blood pressure monitors and other medical devices, is intended to improve the treatment conditions for the elderly patients.

During the ceremony, ERGO China CEO Jürgen Schmitz reaffirmed ERGO’s social responsibility commitment in China.  Senior provincial and local health officials attended the ceremony and spoke highly of ERGO’s contributions to local healthcare services.

ERGO Group, one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe, has been engaged in corporate responsibility activities since 2015 in Shandong, contributing to the development of local healthcare services.

ERGO first entered the China market in 2005 and since then has expanded its portfolio to include life insurance, health insurance, travel assistance and health management.  In October 2019, ERGO China was established as a regional headquarters and will centrally manage and organize all of the China business lines, strategic plans and new business initiatives.

Shandong Province, with a population of over 100 million, is aiming to strengthen its healthcare sector and offer better healthcare services for its people.


2021年3月24日,“泉心全益”安顾健康时光捐赠仪式在济南皮肤疮疡护理院举行。在捐赠仪式上,德国安顾集团宣布向山东省的三所医院捐赠医疗护理设备,此次捐助的设备将用于老年人康复训练,改善医院康养服务设施,助推山东健康强省建设。济南市政府副秘书长吕廷祥,安顾中国首席执行官思勇明(Jürgen Schmitz)、德国安顾保险集团中国代表处总代表朱航、山东省医疗保障局相关领导共同出席捐赠仪式。


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