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2021-02-05 | South China


    RALAYSE Laser Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Munich, Germany, as a supplier for industrial laser device and deflection control solutions, holds an international leading position in areas such as laser beam deflection, modulation and control modules. The company began lean production three years ago and has yielded good results in the production department.



 In the RALAYSE Shenzhen production department, we have established single direction close loop workshop which has ensured a clear smooth flow of materials and semi-finished products, thus effectively eliminating the common backlog in the production site.



  Adhering to the concept of lean production, as well as referring to the famous one piece flow and JIT production mode from TOYOTA, we make sure that each set of materials to be produced will be sorted out for single sets, As a result, multi-type small-bitch short-cycle delivery of products is achieved on a just-in-time basis, hence putting an end to the waste of overproduction and batch failure risk.



   Materials from the warehouse are made into semi-finished products on the production line. After being tested over a prolonged period of time in the aging room, these semi-finished products are sent to quality inspection in QC area. Finally, the qualified products become finished ones after cleaning and packaging in the cleaning area and are stored ready for delivery.



  In the production site within the one-way flow of semi-finished products, workers have clear job area of responsibility and a fixed moving range which is good for on-site control and 5S maintaining.



  We can freely and neatly carry out multi-type of product maintenance with the unit workstations in repair jobs so as to meet the need of more varieties and less quantity.

Thanks to the U-shaped maintenance workstations which can greatly reduce the distance people move and leave room for supports, the flexibility of manpower deployment is realized.



The essence of production site management lies in visualization which led to the “birth” of our visual KANBAN(dashboard). It includes such essential elements as organizational structure, site change control points, day/week/month plans, and improvement projects. Such visualized management has enabled every man to be well-informed of his tasks, reduced the costs of management and communication, made the past work traceable and laid the foundation for future improvement.


  “勤工出巧匠” 是瑞镭生产部门抱持的信念,为此设立的技能培训道场为员工磨练技艺提供了场所。正是这种严谨的态度和自身不断精进的技能,支持我们制造出高品质的产品。

  The production department of RAYLASE Shenzhen holds the belief that practice makes perfect. Consequently the Skill Training Ashram was created for the purpose of helping workers practice and sharpen their skills. It is the constant pursuit for preciseness and refined skills that has enabled us to manufacture high-quality products.



  Every step forward comes from every employee's great efforts, wisdom and consideration of all minor details and possible room for improvement day by day. We are striving for excellence constantly and making perfection more perfect. We are working in RAYLASE and for RAYLASE. We are growing with RAYLASE!