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2021-01-22 | South China

Event Review | Unveiling Ceremony 佛山LEH正式揭牌!

20 January, 2021 marked an important milestone in Foshan’s position as a centre for student academic achievement and choice in the Greater Bay Area.


Co-officiating, Mr Allen said: "I am delighted to be able to celebrate this important milestone and to introduce our impressive campus to families in the Greater Bay Area." Mr Allen added: "I am proud to have brought together a talented team of teachers to create a school dedicated to encouraging academic excellence, creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and leadership in our students."

佛山霍利斯外籍人员子女学校的创校校长,Steve Allen表示,“非常高兴能够代表学校出席此次重要的揭牌活动,并且为大家介绍我们美丽及现代化的校园。我也非常幸运,汇聚了一批优秀的团队及教育专家,为我们的学生提供更好、更优质的学术体验,致力于鼓励学生发挥创造力、培养批判性思维技能、团队精神和领导力。”

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