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2020-01-17 | South China

LEH International School Foshan opening in September 2020


Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) International School Foshan is preparing for its grand opening in September 2020. The School will focus on encouraging students to be bold in their learning, on achieving exceptional academic performance and developing remarkable young adults able to play a positive role in society and to become the leaders of tomorrow.



Mr. Steve Allen is an Experienced Head Master with a Reputation for Excellence. LEH International School Foshan is delighted to introduce Mr Steve Allen, the founding Head Master. Mr. Allen has over 30 years of experience educating young people at leading UK Independent Schools and top British Schools across Asia. Under his leadership, Shrewsbury International School in Bangkok became the top academic school in the region with students achieving outstanding examination results and winning places at the top universities of around the world; 95% of students were accepted by their first-choice university.

校长Steve Allen先生是国际教育经验丰富、卓有成效的耕耘者。作为佛山埃莉诺霍利斯外籍人员子女学校的创校校长,Steve Allen先生曾在一流的英国私立学校和亚洲英国国际学校从事教育管理工作30余年。在他的领导下,曼谷的什鲁斯伯里国际学校(Shrewsbury International School)一跃成为该地区最好的学术学校,学生成绩优异,并获得世界各顶尖大学的青睐;95%的学生被其首选大学录取。


As an educator, Mr Allen’s approach is student-orientated. In addition to producing exceptional exam results, Mr Allen strives to produce confident and creative thinkers, excited by problem solving and entrepreneurship, prepared to take on new challenges. “Our goal is that LEH students become expert learners, unafraid to tackle new and challenging ideas, prepared to take risks, and able to learn from their mistakes,” said Mr Allen.