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2019-10-16 | Beijing

Detecon Consulting and T-systems Joined Daimler Cyber Security Day

Detecon Consulting was invited to participate in Daimler Cyber Security Day on 16 October 2019. The event, also known as "Hacktoberfest" within the Daimler Group (Hacktoberfest is taken from Oktoberfest, Germany's most famous beer festival) aiming to raise awareness of information security among Daimler employees. "You are the Shield" is the theme of this year's Daimler Global Cyber Security Day. Organizers hope that every employee at Daimler will be better aware of information security in order to play a solid shield role in protecting corporate and personal information.

During the event, Lu Yi, head of Detecon Consulting Information Security Group China, held a presentation and live demonstration called "WiFi fishing and malicious USB Devices" to illustrate how hackers can obtain sensitive information from users through WiFi devices and remote control of the victim's laptop, and the use of malicious code stored in the USB disk to steal data. During the presentation and live demonstration, the audience and moderator raised and focused on many interesting questions. Some tips for preventing cybersecurity attacks are also introduced to them.

To help Daimler employees further raise awareness of possible information security issues, Detecon Consulting also demonstrated the hardware used by hackers for such attacks, shared relevant information and cyber security expertise with the audience.

As a participant in Daimler Cyber Security Day, Detecon Consulting was deeply aware of the importance Daimler Group and its employees attached to information security, and was impressed by how much effort Daimler's China Information Security team organized the event. We sincerely thank Daimler China Information Security team for inviting us to participate in this event. We also sincerely thank T-Systems colleague TG Tan for his great support.

Note: T-Systems is a subsidiary of Detecon Telecom and Detecon Consulting is a subsidiary  of T-Systems.

Source: T-Systems