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2019-06-24 | Southwest China

Italian Design Icons 2019

It has been a very exciting weekend for us, from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th of June, Italian Design Icons South-West Edition was held in the new artistic area TESTBED 2 in Chongqing, Yuzhong District.

The event was warmly welcomed and experienced great success over the weekend with the chosen topic of Sustainability and Environment and throughout the 3 days exhibition, Italian Icons of industrial design and experts in every sector had the chance to explain how technology meets sustainable design for the environment.

The purpose of the event, which originated from an idea of DP Group and organized by Eastant Communication & Events, was to create a complete experience through the exhibition, lectures, press conferences and networking moments with the international community in China.

Italian Design Icons 2019 was proud to count on the support of our partners, including the Italian General Consulate in Chongqing, Italian Trade Agency (ITA), Camera di Commercio Italiana in Cina and Fondazione Italia - Cina, as well as media partners, iChongqing, Class Editori, Chongqing Expat Guide and the Italian National Business Daily Milano Finanza (MF).

On Saturday, 15th June, during the press conference exhibitors brand representatives outlined their link to sustainability and the environment.

Mr. Carlo D'Andrea, Managing Director of DP Group, informed us all of the reasoning behind hosting IDI.  He stated that it is no accident that design is so well-developed in Italy, as almost all aspects of Italian culture, arts, creative thoughts, and lifestyle have design penetrated within them. Therefore, industrial products from Italy, without compromising quality and practicality, will always be considered and explored concerning the impact and the significance of the design of products. China has a different culture and is becoming an increasingly important economy in the process of the global economic trend. Moreover he'd like to share with the Chinese people the beauty and the uniqueness of Italian design. Therefore, he would like to deliver Italian culture, creativity and the values of his country in China through hosting Italian Design Icons Event (IDI) every year.

Mr. Ermanno Vitali, GM from Chongqing Chuanyi AnsaldoBreda who exhibited a miniature train model said that "the design and manufacture of their trains are very environmentally -friendly. " About the product they showcased, he added that AnsaldoBreda "is always looking for the solution/project that has the best impact on the environment, especially in terms of energy saving and the lowest impact in terms of material consumption."

iGuzzini is an international leader in the field of architectural lighting. For the 4th time in a row attending IDI Event, this year the product chosen is "Trick", a button-object, an LED capable of generating spectacular geometrical effects, with a well defined and punctual shape. About iGuzzini and sustainability Mrs. Gaby Gan, Marketing Supervisor stated that they are aiming to enhance the relationship between people and the environment through light."

Ms. Rita Deng, CTF Automobile Group Western region General manager, as representative of Maserati during the press conference, pointed out that "Maserati values environmental protection very much. " The three beautiful Maserati cars in front of the T2 Gallery in Chongqing showed that aesthetic and novelty can go hand in hand.

For Pirelli, one of the world’s leading producers of tyres and suppliers of associated services, Mr. Antoni Head of Natural Rubber Procurement said that "Pirelli has been consistently devoted to the sustainability and environmental protection," especially since 2017 when Pirelli issued its Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy. This year at IDI they presented a new initiative aimed to “build awareness of this precious primary material, share the commitment to the preservation of biodiversity, and support the development of the community and local economy”, called  “Being Fast Takes Time” featuring the reporting of the photographer and writer Alessandro Scotti from Indonesia and Thailand. 

Poltrona Frau, a historical Italian brand of sofas presented the "Vanity Fair" armchair. It is known the world over for its typical rounded shape and the rows of leather-covered nails that add the finishing touch to the seat back and arms.

UFI Group, a globally recognized filtering system/solution provider, showcased at IDI 2019 the "blow-by filter" used in the crankcase ventilation systems, separating oil from the blow-by gas and which keeps oil within the crankcase,so as to reduce oil loss and emissions in order to protect the environment.

Over the course of the weekend Italian original design works attracted the interest of visitors to stop by and appreciate the exhibited products while three days of lectures, delivered by key opinion leaders,  designers and experts, attracted a lot of people’s devoted attention among which were Mr. Edward Liu, Founder, and the President of SinoDrink,Mr. Giorgio Olivotti, GM of Niccolo Chongqing Hotel, Mr. Per Erik Bjornsen, CEO of Morph Design Consulting Ltd, Mrs. Amelia Zhang, Sales Director of Tonino Lamborghini Center Chengdu, Mrs. Gaby Gan, Marketing Supervisor of iGuzzini, Mr. Ulrich Antoni, Head of Nature Rubber Procurement of Pirelli, Ms. Rita Deng, CTF Automobile Group west region of General manager, Mr. Ermanno Vitali, GM of Chongqing Chuanyi AnsaldoBreda, Mr. Gabriele Goretti, Associate Researcher at Nanjing University, Mrs. Ally Ma, COO of AM Technology (Airlite), Mrs. Grace Hong, HR Manager of Sofima, all of whom made brilliant speeches about their respective fields, to which audiences couldn’t help but be fascinated by.

Last but not least, we would like to thank SinoDrink & Sant'Anna water for supporting the event.

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