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2018-11-30 | Beijing

We’ve got a brand new look!

Out with the old, in with the new is a phrase that we live by. It’s fuelled our business for more than a decade! With that in mind, we felt that it was time to give our brand a facelift. We’ve changed our entire look to match the high standards you’ve come to expect. Head over to our redesigned website www.cimmover.com and check it out today!

When you’re moving your family across the street, your business to a new city or are flying the beloved family pet to the other side of the world, you want your new adventure to kick off on a positive note.

CIM Mover is an international moving company with more than 14 years of specialist experience in managing moves to, from and within China. We exist to offer a steadying hand throughout the entire process, negating the typical stresses that go along with any change of scenery. We understand better than anyone that you’re not just moving your possessions from one place to another. You’re also moving your history, heritage, and a lifetime of memories! We pride ourselves on making every move a happy one so that you can get back to enjoying new experiences right away.

No matter how big or small your move is, we have a wide variety of solutions to service your needs ranging from sea freight, air freight, domestic haulage, storage solutions and more. We can even arrange your four-legged friend’s travel documents and plan their trip. We consider them a part of your family, after all, so they should enjoy their experience as much as you do!

At CIM Mover we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to refine every step of the process, so you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of from planning through to the big move and beyond.

Let us take the burden of moving off your hands. Reach out to us at www.cimmover.com for a completely free, no strings attached quote and start planning for peace of mind today.

Source: CIM Mover