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2024-05-21 | Shenyang

Annual General Meeting of European Chamber Shenyang Chapter & Social Dinner  Achieved Success

On 21st May 2024, the European Chamber Shenyang Chapter held its Annual General Meeting and the launch of the Riskful Thinking: Navigating the Politics of Economic Security report at the Conrad Hotel's Ballroom on the 3rd floor. The event was attended by more than 80 participants, including Mr. Jens Eskelund, President of the European Chamber, Mr. Kaiserseder, Chair of Shenyang Chapter and board members of the Shenyang Chapter, and officials from the consulates of France, the U.S., Japan, Australia, Korea, as well as officials from Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Provincial People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Shenyang Municipal Commerce Bureau, together with representatives from member enterprises and privileged partners.

Mr. Leo Liu, General Manager of the Shenyang Chapter, delivered the opening speech. He highlighted the dynamic and effective activities organized around government affairs, business intelligence sharing, and social events over the past year, despite numerous internal and external uncertainties. He expressed sincere gratitude to member companies, business partners, the government, and consulates for their strong support to the Chamber's work.

Mr. Erich Kaiserseder then reviewed the achievements of the past year, notably in improving government procurement transparency, assisting member companies in securing government subsidies, boosting the cultural & tourism market, and fostering sustainable business practices. Looking forward to 2024, he expressed the Chamber's commitment to its mission, maintaining close ties with government departments and continuing to advocate on behalf of members.

Mr. Jens Eskelund and Mr. Zhou Zheng, a senior analyst from China Macro Group, took the stage successively to share insights from the report Riskful Thinking: Navigating Politics of Economic Security. They focused on analyzing the different strategies employed by the EU, China, and the U.S in managing economic risks. Additionally, they discussed the diverse strategies adopted by European Chamber member companies to strengthen their operational resilience in China and mitigate growing risks. Some member companies are deepening their commitment to the Chinese market through increased localization and investment, while others are being compelled to transfer their investments and/or operations out of China.

The AGM concluded with a certificate presentation ceremony for new members and privileged partners, marking a successful end to the event.

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