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2023-11-24 | Shenyang

EU-China Seminar Explores Prospects of Solar Power for Small and Medium Enterprises

In a collaborative effort between the EU SME Center and the European Chamber Shenyang Chapter (hereinafter referred to as “Shengyang Chapter”) , the "Photovoltaic Power Prospects for European SMEs in China" seminar took place on November 24th, 2023, at the Blue Whale SOHO co-working space.

Approximately 50 participants, predominantly EU small and medium enterprise representatives, engaged in the event through both online and offline platforms. Kicking off the proceedings, Mr. Harald Kumpfert, Chair of the Sustainability Fora at the Shenyang Chapter, set the stage by highlighting the increasing interest of European businesses in photovoltaic power solutions under the context of the "dual carbon" initiative. As enterprises seek new energy solutions, adjusting the proportion of thermal and green electricity usage, solar power emerges as a crucial topic for SMEs in Europe. Following this, Mr. Erich Kaiserseder, President of the Shenyang Chapter, and Mr. Liam Jia from the EU SME Center provided brief introductions to the respective organizations.

The thematic discussions commenced with Mr. Mirko Turrina, General Manager of Goglio (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Goglio"). Connecting online, he shed light on why Goglio chose solar power as its energy solution. With an expanding factory area, the company needed to consider the increasing energy demand and the cost-effectiveness of various green energy sources. Mirko presented the practical implications of solar power on electricity generation and carbon reduction for the company. Finally, he analyzed the pros and cons of solar power from a safety and operational standpoint, offering insights into the future focus areas for businesses in solar power concerning policy support, energy systems, green energy markets, and industry standards.

Next to share insights was Mr. Reiner Haberstock, General Manager of Arnold Fastening Systems (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Arnold"). Drawing parallels with Mirko, Reiner outlined his company's basic layout in photovoltaic power projects, addressing practical operational challenges such as roof load, installation angles, distances between solar panels on the roof, and cleaning maintenance. Additionally, Arnold installed electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lot, powering company employees' electric vehicles with green energy.

The final presentation was delivered by Mr. Jason Qiu, Digital Operation Manager at ABB Xiamen Industrial Hub (referred to as "ABB"). As a key designer of ABB Xiamen Industrial Hub, one of the first nationally recognized green factories, Jason discussed how ABB implements the latest digital systems and solutions to achieve nearly zero carbon emissions in the park's construction under the dual carbon strategy. From perspectives such as trading in the cloud, operation layer and energy layer, he provided detailed insights into ABB's practical experiences in solar power generation, energy storage, and digital eco-systems, sharing his perspective on the future development of green factories.

Closing the event, Harald facilitated an interactive discussion with all participants, addressing various concerns such as the comparison of different green energy sources and the investment-return dynamics of SMEs in solar power generation.

This seminar effectively enhanced the awareness of EU SMEs in China regarding the deployment of solar power equipment. It provided valuable guidance for European SMEs in China intending to adopt solar power as a clean energy generation option, offering a comprehensive understanding of decision-making dimensions in the decarbonization practices across different industries.

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