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2023-03-05 | Shenyang

Parent-child Relationship Psychological Counseling Salon Achieved Success

Parent-child relationship is one of the earliest relationship since people were born and is one of the most important among all interpersonal relationships that work as the keys to family happiness and causes to quarrels. With the International Women’s Day approaching, European Chamber Shenyang Chapter and Roicare Hospital & Clinics co-organized “Love for Time-Women’s Relaxation” Salon on March 5th, introducing psychological counseling to members in terms of parent-child relationship.

After a brief self-introduction by each of the participants, Ms. Lei LV, the instructor, started the seminar in addressing the current situation of parent-child relationship from perspectives such as cultural difference, conceptual difference and gap between family members’ expectations, followed by meditation, through which participants had the chance to more deeply feel their children and themselves. Finally, Lei helped participants release their pressures and anxieties over parent-child relationship by way of self-motivation and the event turned out a successful psychological guidance practice.

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