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2018-11-15 | Nanjing

European Chamber of Commerce Nanjing Chapter: Promoting the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility

Nanjing, November 15, 2018 - The Fifth/5th European Union Chamber of Commerce Corporate Social Responsibility Awards was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nanjing. The event aims to showcase the best practices of corporate social responsibility, to share the innovative ways of CSR practice, to acknowledge CSR success stories, to raise sustainability awareness, and to share the CSR experiences with organizations looking to promote and exercise corporate responsibility in China. More than 100 representatives from enterprise, NGO/social organization, government, media, and schools attended the meeting.

The European Chamber has always been committed to promoting corporate social responsibility value. The CSR Forum has been operating successfully in China for 10 years, and the CSR Awards have entered their fifth year. The Awards actively promote best practices from the EU in this field, emphasizing the strategic and innovative approach to corporate social responsibility, with different awards for multinational enterprises (MNC), small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and non-governmental organizations (NGO).

This year’s event focused on the two themes: "Manufacturing and Green China" and "Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation". Representatives from enterprises and social organizations shared specific issues such as how to practice CSR in the manufacturing industry, how science and technology can promote CSR development, new forms of CSR in the current trade situation, circular economy, and green finance.

The awards ceremony was held after panel discussions. The awardees' representatives shared their excellent corporate social responsibility practice cases with the on-site audience. This award includes six different categories: special award, SME award, NGO award, MNC-Responsible Value Chain Award, MNC- sustainable growth and Environmental Protection Award, and MNC- Employee Development Award.

Mr. Bernhard Weber, Chairman of the European Chamber Nanjing Board said: "The Corporate Social Responsibility Award has entered its fifth year, and this year's activities have reached a new height. Corporate social responsibility has long been a topic of great concern to EU enterprises. We hope to take this opportunity to share the practices and experience of CSR between China and foreign countries, to understand the latest strategies and innovative trends in the industry, so as to better practice CSR and promote shared value.


MNC _ Sustainable Growth & Environment Protection:

Nestlé (China) Ltd.

Merck Holding (China) Co., Ltd.

Siemens Ltd., China

BASF-YPC Company Limited

MNC _ Responsible Value Chain:

Nokia Shanghai Bell 

MNC _ Employee Development:      

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (China) Co., Ltd

SME/social enterprise_ Excellence in Responsible Innovation:

NETSPRING Green IT Programs

NGO_ Excellence in Social Innovation Partnership:

Shanghai Songjiang Sheshan Service Center for Handicapped People

Special Award Excellence in diversity and inclusion:

Taicang Sino-German Handicapped Workshop (The Inclusion Factory)