Meeting with Director of Foreign Affairs, SCOPSR (State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform)

2013-11-26 | All chapters

SCOPSR (State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform), supervised by the Central Organization Committee (directed by Premier Li Keqiang), is a ministry-equivalent agency responsible for managing nation-wise governmental administrative systems, staff organization as well as institutional reforms. It is both institutionalized under the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It functioned as the key formulator of the State Council’s decision to cancel and decentralize117 approval items in May, 2013.


European Chamber representatives met with Foreign Affairs Director Liang Yuan to understand SCOPSR’s role of China’s administrative reform, SOE reform and organizational restructuring management.  Director Liang expressed gratitude towards the Chamber’ efforts on improving market environment and institutional reforms by enabling two way communication between companies and government bodies.


Following the meeting, the Chamber provided SCOPSR with a list of questions and issues raised by working groups concerning the next steps of administrative reforms.