9th EU - China Energy Dialogue

2020-06-22 | All chapters

9th EU - China Energy Dialogue

In order to streanthen the EU -China Energy Cooperation and  recover the energy sector after Covid 19, the high officials open the dialogue on the following aspects:

1. Clean energy and green recovery based on the EU Revovery Plan and European Green DEal, China measures to stimulate clean energy development, and the comlementaries and synergies of the both sides;

2. Energy security and global energy markets;  including role of LNG and decarbonized gases, and diversified of currencies / role of the euro in energy trade; 

3. Power market reform and supervision, including the  comparation on the power market, and integration of renewables; 

4. Cooperation in energy technology and innovation. China demands for the  cooperation and enables framework including levelling playing field; 

5. Eu -China Energy Cooperation Platform.