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2024-06-05 | All chapters

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Collection from 28th May to 3rd June

On 28th May, the EU Commission approved €1.4 billion in State aid for the fourth Important Project of Common European Interest in the hydrogen value chain. (EU Commission Press Release)

On 29th May, the EU Commission established the AI Office to strengthen EU leadership in safe, trustworthy AI and to implement the AI Act. (EU Commission Press Release)

On 29th May, a survey by the European Round Table for Industry revealed 54% of European business leaders expect EU-China relations to worsen over the next three years. (ERT Survey, POLITICO)

On 30th May, Executive Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis discussed the future of EU trade policy and competitiveness at the Foreign Affairs Council. (EU Commission Statement)

On 30th May, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning criticized the EU’s anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese EV imports, calling it protectionist and disrupting China-EU trade. (MFA Press Conference)

On 30th May, Chinese Director-General of the Department of Arms Control Sun Xiaobo and EU Special Envoy for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Stephan Klement held consultations on arms control and non-proliferation. (MFA News)

On 31st May, the EU Commission designated Temu as a Very Large Online Platform under the Digital Services Act, imposing stringent compliance rules. (EU Commission Press Release)

On 1st June, High Representative Josep Borrell emphasized EU commitment to Indo-Pacific security while addressing China's support for Russia at the Shangri-La Dialogue. (EEAS Press Release)

On 1st June, Chinese Minister Wang Wentao criticized the EU for discriminating against China through trade investigations, stating that Beijing wants to prevent escalation through dialogue during a roundtable on China-Spain cooperation. (MOFCOM Press Release, Bloomberg News)

On 2nd June, Vice Minister Ling Ji hosted a meeting in Athens with Chinese enterprises, addressing China-Greece cooperation and EU trade barriers. (MOFCOM Press Release)

On 3rd June, the EU Commission initiated an expiry review of anti-dumping measures on imports of aluminium foil in rolls from China. (EU Commission Investigations)

On 3rd June, Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and Spain's Minister of Economy, Trade and Business, Carlos Cuerpo co-chaired the 29th China-Spain Economic Cooperation meeting. (MOFCOM Press Release)


3rd to 5th June, Türkiye’s Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan pays official visit to China.

6th to 9th June: The European Parliament election is going to take place, with provisional election results and next steps to be announced on 10th June.

11th to 13th June: European Sustainable Energy Week 2024.

13th to 15th June: The G7 Summit is set to take place in Italy.

17th June: Informal European Council meeting.


Collection from 17th to 27th May

On 17th, 23rd, and 24th May, the EU Commission initiated anti-dumping proceedings against imports of certain seamless pipes, tubes of iron or steel, lysine, and vanillin from China. (EU Commission Notice, EU Commission Notice, EU Commission Notice)

On 20th May, European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness discussed the EU's strategy for managing economic challenges posed by China during a speech at the Global Economic Summit. (EU Commission Speech)

On 21st May, the Council of the EU approved conclusions to enhance cybersecurity to foster a more secure and resilient digital environment across the Union. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 21st May, Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra highlighted the challenge of China's economic strategies and cyber activities affecting Europe's security and economy. (EU Commission Keynote Speech)

On 21st May, the EU Council approved the first global artificial intelligence law, introducing a risk-based regulatory framework. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 22nd May, the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU disclosed that Chinese authorities were considering potential 25% tariffs on large-engine cars from the EU and US. (CCCEU’s Post on X, Bloomberg News)

On 22nd May, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin criticised potential EU tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, advocating for dialogue instead of protectionism. (MFA Press Conference)

On 23rd May 2024, Commissioner Breton discussed the EU's strategies to counter China's export restrictions on critical minerals in Brussels. (EU Commission Speech by Commissioner Breton)

On 24th May, the EU Council adopted the corporate sustainability due diligence directive, mandating companies to address human rights and environmental impacts. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 24th May, the EU Council adopted conclusions on the European Court of Auditors' report, aiming to enhance EU public procurement. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 24th May, the EU Council adopted conclusions for revitalising the single market, focusing on regulatory improvements and a new strategy. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 24th May, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li chaired the 18th China-CEEC Cooperation meeting, reinforcing ties and cooperation strategies with Europe. (MFA News)

On 24th May, spokesperson He Yadong discussed China's anti-dumping investigation into Polyoxymethylene imports from the EU, US, Taiwan, and Japan, stating that it is in adherence to WTO rules. (MOFCOM Press Conference)

On 25th May, the Global Times reported that Chinese industries are preparing to request an anti-dumping investigation into EU pork imports. (Global Times’s post on X, Bloomberg, Reuters)

On 23-25th May, in a Communiqué, G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors expressed concerns about China's use of non-market policies impacting global economic resilience. (Council of the EU Press Release, G7 Communiqué)

On 27th May, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning rejected G7 criticism of China's economic practices, labeling it as Western protectionism. (MFA Press Conference)


Collection from 13th to 22nd May

On 13th May, two Chinese firms withdrew from Romanian solar projects after an EU subsidy probe. The China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) addressed the closure of the investigation following the withdrawal (SCMP, Bloomberg,CCCEU Press Release)

On 14th May, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Ling Ji met with Walter Döring, head of the German SME delegation, discussing the promotion of German SMEs in China. (MOFCOM News)

On 15th May, in a statement by Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, at the presentation of the Spring 2024 Economic Forecast, noted China's Q1 2024 economic rebound as well as the structural challenges affecting the EU economy. (EU Commission Statement)

On 15th May, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Ling Ji hosted a roundtable and welcomed foreign firms to participate in Chinese government procurement. (MOFCOM News, State Council News, Xinhua News)

On 15th May, China's General Administration of Customs announced that more European agricultural products are now permitted for import. (State Council News, Xinhua News)

On 18th May, the China Chamber of Commerce in the EU (CCCEU) announced that the Chinese government had warned of possible retaliation against the EU's subsidy investigations, cautioning that China has "ample tools available" for response. (CCCEU’s post on X)

On 19th May, China adopted anti-dumping measures on polyformaldehyde copolymer imports from the EU, U.S., Taiwan, and Japan. (MOFCOM press release)

On 20th May, during the China Economic Roundtable, Chinese official He Hailin rebutted claims of NEV overcapacity. (State Council News, China Daily, Xinhua News, MOFCOM)

On 21st May, the CCCEU disclosed potential Chinese tariff increases on EU cars with large engines amid ongoing trade tensions. (CCCEU’s post on X, SCMP)

On 21st May, the EU Council approved conclusions to strengthen cybersecurity, enhancing digital resilience amid increasing cyber threats and global tensions. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 21st May, the Council of the EU approved conclusions on safeguarding electoral processes from foreign interference, focusing on democratic resilience. (Council of the EU Press Release)

On 22nd May, POLITICO highlighted EU's expected announcement to conclude the investigation on Chinese electric vehicles within the next two weeks. (POLITICO, POLITICO’S Brussels Playbook)


Collection from 6th to 10th May

On 6th May, a report by the consortium Digital Power China (DPC), composed by a group of European researchers on China, discussed "reverse dependency" as a strategic lever for the EU in its relationship with China. (DGAP Report, POLITICO)

On 8th May, Chinese Ministry of Commerce opened the Re-investigation Ruling of Anti-dumping Measures on Imported Stainless Steel Slabs and Stainless Steel Hot-rolled Sheets/Coils from the EU, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia. (MOFCOM Policy Announcement)

On 8th May, President Xi Jinping met with Serbian President Vučić in Belgrade, and both sides to elevate their strategic partnership. (MOFCOM, Xinhua News Agency)

On 9th May, President Xi Jinping and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán released a joint statement on an all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership in Budapest. (MFA Joint Statement, MFA News, Xinhua News Agency, Hungary Today)

On 10th May, POLITICO reported on concerns rising among European policymakers over Chinese e-bus dominance in Europe's market. (POLITICO)

On 10th May, Commissioner Breton acknowledged LONGi Solar Technologie GmbH and Shanghai Electric's withdrawal from a Romanian photovoltaic park procurement amid EU's Foreign Subsidies Regulation investigation, closing the inquiry. (EU Commission Statement)

On 10th May, Deputy Minister and International Trade Representative Wang Shouwen held talks with Swiss Federal State Secretary and Director-General of the Economic Research Department,  Helene Budliger Artieda, to advance the upgrade of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement. (MOFCOM News)


Collection from 24th April to 8th May

On 24th April, High Representative Josep Borrell condemned China's imposition of the National Security Law on Hong Kong in a Speech, citing its grave impact on freedoms. (EEAS Press Release)

On 24th April, the 20th session of the China-Hungary Economic Joint Committee was held, chaired jointly by Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Szijjártó. (MOFCOM)

On 24th April, the EU Commission launched its first investigation under the International Procurement Instrument (IPI) in response to alleged discriminatory practices in China's medical device procurement market. (EU Commission Press Release, POLITICO)

On 24th April, China's Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin refuted claims of overcapacity in China's new energy sector, emphasizing its crucial role in global green development and dismissing the accusations as protectionist measures. (MFA Press Release)

On 25th April, the European Parliament addressed human rights violations in Azerbaijan, The Gambia, and Hong Kong. MEPs condemned Hong Kong's new security law, advocating for the release of pro-democracy activists and sanctions against officials responsible. (EU Parliament Press Release)

On 26th April, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the construction of a new Great Wall Motors car factory in Hungary. Focused on electric vehicles, this represents a significant expansion of Chinese automotive investment in Europe. (Radio Free Europe, POLITICO)

On 26th April, Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li met with Romania's newly-appointed Ambassador to China, Dan-Horia Maxim. (MFA Top Stories)

On 29th April, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with the President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry, Hildegard Müller. Discussions include overcapacity, the EU's anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles, and Sino-German and Sino-European automotive industry cooperation. (MOFCOM)

On 30th April, the Chinese Embassy condemned the UK's decision to remove Chinese-made surveillance equipment from sensitive sites by April 2025 as discriminatory, urging a fair environment for Chinese companies amid ongoing political tensions. (Embassy of China in the UK, Reuters)

On 2nd May, the EU Commission warned Chinese EV makers BYD, SAIC, and Geely of potentially tougher duties for not cooperating sufficiently in an anti-subsidy probe. Lack of data might result in higher penalties as the investigation nears its summer conclusion. (POLITICO)

On 2nd May, EU Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis indicated that the anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles is advancing, with expectations to wrap up by summer. Initiated over concerns of unfair Chinese state subsidies, the probe may lead to provisional tariffs against artificially low-priced imports. (POLITICO)

On 3rd May, High Representative Josep Borrell addressed Oxford University, noting China's economic rise and its impact on global dynamics. He highlighted China's status as a superpower and discussed challenges in EU-China relations amidst growing confrontation and competition. (EAAS Press Release)

On 5th May, Chinese President Xi Jinping began his third state visit to France, celebrating 60 years of diplomatic ties. He emphasized deep historical and cultural bonds between China and France, highlighting mutual cooperation and their shared commitment to global stability and development. (MFA Top Stories, MFA Press Release)

On 6th May, Presidents Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, and Ursula von der Leyen convened at Paris' Élysée Palace for a China-France-EU summit. President Xi highlighted China's long-term strategic approach to EU relations, advocating for increased dialogue and cooperation. (EU Commission President Opening Statement, EU Commission Press Statement, MFA Top Stories, Le Monde, France24, MOFCOM)

On 6th May, in Paris, President Xi Jinping concluded the sixth China-France Business Council meeting with President Macron. Celebrating 60 years of relations, Xi emphasized future cooperation and China's commitment to global challenges and economic partnerships. (MFA Top Stories, MOFCOM Press Release).

On 6th May, Hungary announced plans to sign at least 16 agreements with China during President Xi Jinping's upcoming three-day visit, as stated by Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto. (Bloomberg)

On 7th May, President Xi Jinping arrived in Belgrade for a state visit to Serbia. (Xinhua)


Collection from 13th April to 24th April

On 13th and 14th April, Niclas Kvarnström, the EU diplomatic arm’s Asia chief, visited Hong Kong. (CHINA WATCHER, POLITICO, Tweet from X)

On 16th April, Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met in Beijing and discussed the deepening of the China-Germany strategic partnership, cooperation opportunities, and advocating against protectionism. (MFA Top Stories and CHINA WATCHER, POLITICO)

On 16th April, Chinese Ambassador to Iceland He Rulong met with Keflavik International Airport's Chief Commercial & Airport Development Officer to discuss China-Iceland direct flights. (MFA News From Mission Overseas)

On 16th April, Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng met with a German economic delegation accompanying German Chancellor Scholz's visit to China, discussing enhanced Sino-German economic and trade cooperation. (MOFCOM News)

On 17th April, China’s UN Ambassador Fu Cong addressed the High-level Meeting of the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative, emphasizing the importance of true multilateralism and cooperation. (MFA News From Mission Overseas)

On 17th April, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi encouraged Slovenia to ignore EU de-risking calls during talks with Slovenian counterpart Tanja Fajon, who highlighted strong Slovenia-China relations and opportunities for Slovenian businesses. (GOV.SI and CHINA WATCHER, POLITICO)

On 17th April, Chinese Special Representative on Eurasian Affairs Li Hui met with Ukrainian Ambassador Pavlo Riabikin to discuss bilateral relations and the Ukraine crisis. (MFA News)

On 19th April, the G7 Foreign Ministers and the EU High Representative addressed global challenges, emphasizing stable relations with China, and expressed concerns over its policies regarding maritime disputes and human rights. (EAAS Communiqué)

On 21st April, Chinese Minister Wang Wentao met with the Portuguese Minister of Economy in Macau to discuss enhancing Sino-Portuguese economic relations and cooperation through the China-Portugal Forum mechanism. (MOFCOM News)

On 22nd April, the European Commission initiated an investigation under the Digital Services Act (DSA) against TikTok, focusing on the launch of TikTok Lite in France and Spain and the platform's "Task and Reward Program." (EU Commission Press Release)

On 22nd April, Chinese Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Li Hongzhong attended the opening of the 6th Ministerial Conference of the China-Portuguese-Speaking Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, announcing 20 measures to deepen economic ties. (MOFCOM News)

On 22nd April, the China Chamber of Commerce to the EU (CCCEU) criticised the EU Commission for probing Chinese companies under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR), involved in a Romanian solar project. The CCCEU argues the FSR is used coercively, lacks transparency, and discriminates. (CCCEU Press Release)

On 23rd April, the CCCEU reported unauthorised raids on Chinese companies in Poland and the Netherlands relating to the EU’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation. (CCCEU Press Release)

On 23rd April, the EU Parliament voted in favour of a regulation to ban products made using forced labor from the EU single market. Authorities can now investigate and withdraw such products, intercepting shipments at EU borders. Products may return to the market if proven free of forced labor. (EU Parliament Press Release)

On 24th April, MEP Lara Wolters debriefed the European Parliament on new EU corporate sustainability rules following the plenary vote, addressing companies' impact on human rights and the environment, with national authorities enforcing compliance. (EU Parliament Press Releases)

On 24th April, the EU Commission launched an investigation into the procurement practices of China’s medical device sector. This inquiry, conducted under the International Procurement Instrument, focuses on measures like the 'Buy China' policy and import restrictions. (Official Journal of the EU)

On 24th April, as part of a high-level mission to China, EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski attended events in Shenzhen and Beijing. He focused on promoting EU agri-food exports to China, highlighting the sector’s resilience and trade surplus despite rising tensions and concerns of a potential trade war. (EU Commission and Reuters)