Contact the Compliance Committee of the European Chamber

You, as the whistle-blower, can send the compliance-related complaints to, please include the following information: 

1) your (whistle-blower’s) contact details and position and function in/with the European Chamber, except where you (the whistle-blower) decide to file an anonymous compliance-related complaint; 

2) a complete and clear description of the facts you wish to file a compliance complaint about

3) if known, the circumstances, including times and places in which relevant events took place, the personal details of the individual(s) ‘committing’ a non-compliant act or acts, or other individuals who can also provide information about the facts of the alleged event(s); 

4) documents evidencing those facts; and 

5) any other information useful for the most accurate reconstruction of the facts.

For anonymous compliance-related complaints, please click here.