Philips (China) Investment Co. Ltd.
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  • Country of origin: Netherlands
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Company type: MNC
  • Company Size: 1000+

Business Activities

Royal Philips Electronics, global leader in Healthcare, Lighting and Consumers lifestyle, employs 120,000 people worldwide. Starting in 1985, today Philips has 27 WOFE/JVs in China, employing >17,500 people. China is its second largest market.
皇家飞利浦电子公司是一家活跃在“健康舒适、优质生活”领域的全球性多元化公司, 致力于通过创新来改善人们的生活质量。做为在医疗保健、照明和优质生活领域的行业领导者。飞利浦如今在中国已成立了27个独资/合资企业,员工总数达到17500人。

Address & Contact

Building 718, Lingshi Road, JIngan District, Shanghai, China.

Alice Wang

Executive Assistant to CEO

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