KPMG Advisory (China) Limited Chengdu Branch
毕马威企业咨询(中国)有限公司成都分公司 Go back »

  • Country of origin: Switzerland
  • Industry: Business Service
  • Company type: MNC
  • Company Size: 1000+

Business Activities

KPMG Advisory (China) Limited, Chengdu Branch, is part of the KPMG China practice which has 13 offices and more than 9,000 professionals in China. It provides tax, advisory etc services locally to MNCs and domestical companies in Southwest China.
毕马威企业咨询 (中国) 有限公司成都分公司是毕马威中国的一家业务办事处。毕马威中国有13个办公室,超过9000名员工。毕马威成都办事处为本地跨国企业和本土企业提供税务、咨询等全方位专业服务。

Address & Contact

IFS 17th floor, No.1 building, No.1, Hongxing Lu 3, Chengdu, P.R. China
成都市红星路3段1号 国际金融中心1号办公楼17楼

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