Snam Gas & Energy Services (Beijing) Co., Ltd
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  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Industry: Energy
  • Company type: MNC
  • Company Size: 1000+

Business Activities

Snam is Europe’s leading gas utility. It has been building and managing sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure guaranteeing energy security for over 75 years.
Snam集团运营已超过75年,拥有近42,000公里的天然气管网(其中仅在意大利就为32,500公里)和约200亿立方米的天然气地下储气库工作气量,如今已成为欧洲最大的天然气物流综合运营商,全球排名第二。Snam 公司是一家意大利政府控股的国有公司,值得一提的是中国国家电网 拥有Snam 公司 10% 的股份并派任有一位中国董事。

Address & Contact

Room 602, 6th Floor, Tower A, Ocean Office Park, No. 10 Jintong West Road, Chaoyang District Beijing

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