Progetto CMR (Beijing) Architectural Design Consultants Co., Ltd.
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  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Industry: Architecture/Interior Design
  • Company type: SME
  • Company Size: 1 - 250

Business Activities

Progetto CMR,established in 1994 by Arch. Massimo Roj, is the largest Italian integrated design firm, listed in the world‘s Top 100 design firms chart issued every year by BD magazine. Progetto CMR headquarters is in Milan, with offices in Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul, Jakarta, Dubai, Chennai, Athens, Bahrain and Singapore. Progetto CMR is a member of the EAN (European Architects Network). In 2003, Progetto CMR began his operation in China, opening operative offices in Beijing and Tianjin, providing consultancies for urban planning, architectural design, space planning and interior design. Thanks to a multicultural and multi-disciplinary approach, its international design team provides innovative design scheme tailored to the needs of the Chinese market for residential, hotel, office, industrial, retail and public spaces projects.

波捷特(北京)建筑设计顾问有限公司由意大利设计大师 Massimo Roj 于1994年创立。 波捷特是意大利最大的综合性设计公司,也是世界建筑杂志每年评选出的世界百强事务所榜单上唯一一家意大利公司。成立20年来,波捷特发展迅速,逐渐在罗马、布拉格、巴塞罗那、伊斯坦布尔、雅加达、迪拜、金奈、雅典、巴林、新加坡等城市设立分公司,同时也是欧洲最大的建筑师网络EAN的意大利合作伙伴。2003年正式进入中国市场,以北京和天津为主要基地,开展城市规划、建筑设计、空间规划和室内设计等综合性设计服务。我们的设计团队主要包括来自意大利和中国,他们相互默契配合为中国市场量身打造了独具创新的设计方案,通过多文化、多学科的方法提供各类项目的专业咨询,项目范围涉及住宅、酒店、写字楼、工业、商业以及公共场所等各个领域。

Address & Contact

Room 706-707, Tower A, The Spaces International Center,
8 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Caroline Li (李扬)

Business Development

Emanuela Falduto (伊玛)

Marketing Specialist

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