Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd. Tianjin
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  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Industry: Electrical
  • Company type: MNC
  • Company Size: 1000+

Business Activities

Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd. provides manufacturing, service, R&D and engineering of electrical drives, motors and relevant systems. With our products we serve the industrial business, renewable energy and infrastructure. Our service supports the businesses with spare parts, commissioning and the expertise.
西门子电气传动有限公司提供电气传动产品、电机、发电机及相关系统的制造、服务、研发及工程设计。我们的产品服务于工业、可再生能源及基础设施建设。我们提供上述三项业务的备件、调试及技术支持服务 。

Address & Contact

NO.1, Haitaichuangxin 5th road (outside Outer Ring Road),Huayuan Industry Development Area,Tianjin Hi-Tech Industry Park 300384

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