Flash Survey: COVID-19 and the War in Ukraine: The Impact on European Business in China - 中国欧盟商会调查报告:中国新冠疫情防控政策和俄乌战争对欧洲在华企业的影响 Go back »

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On 5th May, the European Chamber, in partnership with Roland Berger, released a survey on the impact that China’s COVID-19 policy and Russia’s war in Ukraine are having on European business in China. The results show that both factors are creating severe challenges to European business operations, with logistics suffering the most overall. Significantly, as a result of China’s COVID-19 policy, 23% of respondents are now considering shifting current or planned investments out of China to other markets—more than double the number that were considering doing so at the beginning of 2022, and the highest proportion in a decade—and 7% are considering the same due to the war in Ukraine.