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Established in 2016, the Fashion and Leather Working Group is comprised of 11 European fashion and leather enterprises that produce and import high-end apparel, leather bags, suitcases, shoes and other fashion-related products for the Chinese market. The working group represents the high-end consumer goods industry when communicating with relevant policymakers on common industry issues.

Since its establishment, the working group has actively followed relevant legislative developments and offered recommendations for creating an orderly market environment that protects the rights and interests of consumers. The Fashion and Leather Working Group contributes directly to satisfying people’s growing needs for a better quality of life, not only through the diversity, beauty and variety of products manufactured in the fashion and leather industry, but also by providing a business environment that is focussed on safety, environmental protection and innovation. The fashion and leather industry is helping China to increase its global footprint, as it not only manufactures products in China but also involves the country throughout the global supply chain.

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