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The Maritime Manufacturing and Industrial Services Working Group represents European companies that design, manufacture, maintain and repair ships, as well as maritime equipment manufacturers, classification societies, maritime service providers and cruise operators. At the end of 2020, the working group changed its name from the Shipbuilding Working Group to the Maritime Manufacturing and Industrial Services Working Group to better encompass the various segments of the maritime industry excluding shipping. Nations depend greatly on the sea to facilitate trade and economic development, and communities along the coast have reaped the benefits of the development of
the maritime sector and its accompanying infrastructure for centuries. While the maritime sector now plays an essential role in satisfying the increasing global demand for cleaner and safer transportation systems, the green and digital transformation of maritime and offshore operations present challenges and opportunities for both European and Chinese companies in terms of
supplying new innovative solutions. As ships and associated maritime equipment fall into the category of ‘dual-use’ technology, maritime manufacturing is defined as a strategic sector that is subject to national security and sovereignty considerations. Under China’s 14th Five-year Plan, Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs), such as the China Shipbuilding
Group, and Chinese shipyards are tasked with heavy spending on research and development (R&D) as part of the drive to step up China’s innovation capacity and become more self-reliant in core technologies.

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