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Cosmetics are not only used for beautifying, but also to help preserve one’s health. Although for some time cosmetics were considered a luxury product, they are now considered a daily necessity for most people. As President Xi Jinping said, “People's yearning for a better life is the goal we strive for”.1 Thus, the sustainable development of the cosmetics industry will help to satisfy the population’s desire for a better standard of living.

The Cosmetics Working Group consists of 60 members, including a large number of internationally well-known cosmetics brands, with a diverse range of business models. The majority of members have established research and development and production facilities in China and are industry leaders. Their expertise has been widely recognised by consumers, and they have contributed significantly to cosmetics development in China. The cosmetics industry has also acted as a catalyst for other related industries, such as fine chemicals, packaging, logistics and advertising.

The Cosmetics Working Group aims to:

  • represent the interests of European cosmetics enterprises and facilitate information exchange among members, professional associations and regulatory bodies;
  • promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s cosmetics industry and contribute to the formation of a fair, efficient and transparent regulatory environment; and
  • ensure consumer safety.

The new principle contradiction facing Chinese society, as outlined in the report issued after the 19th Party Congress, “is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life”.2 European cosmetics companies possess cutting-edge technology and extensive experience in managing quality and assessing safety. A fully-opened market that allows both competition and cooperation between Chinese and European cosmetics companies will not only ensure that the domestic market becomes stronger through exposure to competition but also enable Chinese consumers to access a variety of new and safe products.

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