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The automotive industry helps society by providing mobility for people and goods, without which modern societies could not function. For over a hundred years, the private car has transformed people’s quality of life by providing independence and freedom of movement, and cars are now the number one source of transportation in many countries.

Road freight transport is the backbone of trade and commerce in China: trucks carry 70 per cent of all cargo transported over land. Vans are also key players in the logistics chain, enabling the ‘last mile’ delivery of goods in urban areas. Largely used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as business tools, vans power many economies, helping businesses to thrive.

Buses are the most widely-used form of public transportation in China, serving cities, suburban and rural areas. They are also the most cost-efficient and flexible form of public transportation, requiring minimal investment to launch new lines or routes.

The automotive industry is committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions that have a minimal negative impact on society, while maintaining its crucial role as the mover of goods and people in society.

The Automotive Working Group is composed of European manufacturers and importers of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, automotive components (including tyres), special vehicles and automated systems. The Automotive Working Group currently has 56 member companies and works closely with the Auto Components Working Group. The core members of the Automotive Working Group are also member companies of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (Association des Constructeurs Européensd' Automobiles, [ACEA]).

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