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In keeping with the fresh redesign of EURObiz, the focus for this magazine is on innovating and moving forward; more specifically on the strides that have been made in research and development (R&D). China is taking the lead in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, pushing foreign businesses to constantly seek out talented individuals and develop new, cutting-edge technologies. Unfortunately for foreign-invested enterprises in China, R&D has been difficult as a lack of intellectual property protection, inability in hiring foreign talent and lack of access to vital internet services have restricted operability in China. To better understand this issue, European Chamber members have contributed articles to EURObiz on a number of different issues relating to R&D including AI, cloud computing and biotechnology. Also featured in this issue:

  • what the Belt and Road Initiative means for intellectual property in China;
  • the effects of digital medicine on global healthcare, and;
  • China’s Greater Bay Area and what it means for European businesses.

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