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The Logistics Working Group was founded in 2003, and represents a diverse spectrum of logistics service providers in freight forwarding, including sea, air and land, express delivery, warehousing and distribution as well as customs brokerage, transportation services, contract logistics and consumers of logistics services from different sectors. At present, more than 250 member companies participate in the working group, which operates in the European Chamber’s Beijing, Shanghai and South China Chapters.

The working group provides a platform for companies to discuss and share best practices, experiences and recommendations and to exchange views on the regulatory framework of the logistics industry. It maintains a constructive dialogue between relevant governments and industry stakeholders to discuss and provide comments on regulations and standards.

The Logistics Working Group is also composed of the International Liner Shipping Sub-working Group, with core members from leading international maritime transport enterprises. Through regular dialogue with Chinese and European government officials, the International Liner Shipping Sub-working Group is dedicated to working towards a more effective and competitive maritime transport environment in China.

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