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In this issue of EURObiz we focus on food safety and food security, and examine some of the steps that China needs to take in order to secure a safe and sustainable food supply. A number of high-profile cases relating to food safety have eroded consumer confidence in many of China’s food products. The Chinese Government has reacted by placing food safety high on their agenda, and is taking steps aimed at rebuilding consumer confidence, not just in the products themselves, but also in their ability to effectively handle food-safety crises.

Also featured in this issue:

  • A look at Xi Jinping's new government following the NPC. 
  • World Consumer Rights Day – how CCTV may have undermined the authority of their consumer watchdog programme.
  • Why Chinese consumer products must meet global safety standards.
  • Changes to employment contract law - things to do before 1st July, 2013.

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