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China’s Ministry of Emergency Management has announced that in the first nine months of this year, the country suffered direct economic losses of over CNY 308 billion (just under EUR 40 billion) from natural disasters. Meanwhile, Bloomberg has reported that wildfires this summer cost Europe EUR 4.1 billion. European Chamber members will have to prepare for increasingly common extreme weather events affecting both their operations in China and their headquarters in Europe, not to mention their global supply chains. Therefore, the September/October 2023 edition of EURObiz focusses on climate change in China, in an effort to help prepare Chamber members for the difficult road ahead.


Other topics covered in this edition include:

  • Position Paper 2022/2023: Regaining momentum – how to restore business confidence
  • Individual Income Tax: Key points on the four-year extension of China’s preferential policy for foreign national workers
  • #BecauseofUs: Advocacy to alleviate bottlenecks for the medical device industry in implementation of GB 9706 standards series

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