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In the pre-COVID era, industry had supply chains down to a fine art. However, the delicacy of these channels became all too evident once the pandemic struck, while geopolitical tensions, grounded superships and environmental considerations have merely emphasised the point. The July/August 2022 edition of EURObiz focusses on the difficulties our members have been encountering with supply chains, and how they plan to evolve to mitigate such difficulties in future.

Also featured in this edition:

  • The Missing Piece: Closing the gap on cross-border transfer of personal data
  • Ever Choppier Waters: European Business in China Business Confidence Survey 2022
  • China Outlook and Difficult Choices: An active investor’s perspective
  • A New Anti-trust Era: China’s amendments to its Anti-monopoly Law


EURObiz contains articles and features that address the important issues affecting European businesses in China. Contributions are regularly submitted by Chamber members who are experts in their field. Become a member and make your contribution.

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