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As governments step up their efforts to meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement, and consumers become increasingly aware of their individual carbon footprints, enterprises are also obliged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Following the release of the European Chamber’s Carbon Neutrality: The Role of European Companies in China’s Race to 2060, the May/June 2022 edition of EURObiz focusses on decarbonisation, and the aspects most relevant to our members.

Also featured in this edition:

  • China’s Innovation Ecosystem: Right for many, but not for all
  • Russia Sanctions and China’s Anti-sanctions Rules: What multinationals’ subsidiaries in China need to know
  • European Chamber Annual General Meeting 2022: A year of advocacy successes, high-level meetings and growth
  • #BECAUSEOFUS: New Regulations to Protect Pharmaceutical Patents and Foster Innovation

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